Thursday 6 June 2013

Restaurant Review - Ed's Easy Diner, Piccadilly

Restaurant name: Ed's Easy Diner
Location: Piccadilly, London
Description: 1950s style American diner with a jukebox, high stools at the bar and booth tables.
Reason for visit: We wanted to get dinner somewhere in this area that wouldn't take too long as we were seeing a show. We'd eaten here before and really liked it so decided to go back.
I ate: A "slick dog" hot dog with BBQ sauce, bacon and cheese sauce, with fries.
My companion ate: Chicken dippers - chicken goujons in breadcrumbs - with fries.

The food was: It was a good hotdog and the cheese sauce was an interesting addition and nice but I think there was a little too much cheese. In fact the whole thing was too salty - the bacon on top was probably the main reason but even when I took some of the bacon off, it was still really salty. Which is a shame as the burgers, which I've eaten here before, are delicious. The thick milkshakes are awesome but very filling - almost a meal in themselves! They do free refills on soda too.
The atmosphere/service was: friendly, good service and quick. I also like the fact that if you sit on the high stools at the bar, there are hooks under the bar to hang your bag from so you don't have to put it on the floor.
Price range/value for money: The burgers in particular are good value compared to other upmarket burger chains.
Would I recommend it: Yes, it's a good place to eat if you're in the Piccadilly area especially if you need a relatively quick meal before seeing a show.

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