Monday 24 June 2013

Meal Plan 2013 - Week 26

This week I'm trying a "food chain" from Becky Thorn's book The No-Waste Meal Planner, which I shall do a separate blog post on some time. I also managed to lose a little more weight last week - just half a pound - so hope I can keep it up now things are back to normal,i.e. my boyfriend is well enough to come over and for us to eat out again.

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch Risotto with leftover chicken from yesterday's roast
Dinner Choir rehearsal so I will take a snack and I've got some crumpets in the fridge for when I get home. I've also got a lot of pancake/waffle mix left.

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch sandwich - soft cheese with mango chutney
Dinner With my boyfriend. Arancini with tomato sauce and garlic bread, possibly followed by chocolate Mochi if I a) manage to get the main ingredient I need b) have time to make them c) figure out how to make them!

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch jacket potato with chicken korma filling
Dinner At the youth club where I volunteer so I will take a snack and again if I want something hot when I get home I will have crumpets.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Out with my boyfriend celebrating his new job :-)

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Salmon with Philadelphia sauce and veg

Brunch  pizza margarita, then going to a picnic in the park with a lot of friends
Dinner Picnic food - I haven't decided what I'm making yet and I think the idea is that we all share.

Brunch Breakfast puffs from Baked In America p96
Dinner Herbed pork escalope picatta, SW Extra Easy Entertaining p180

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