Monday 3 June 2013

Meal Planning 2013- Week 23

Saturday was the first time in three weeks I've been able to go to Slimming World so I was quite worried - especially as I've been away a lot and so busy during the week that I haven't had time to think about what I'm eating. So I was very relieved to find my weight had stayed exactly the same! Now must make sure it doesn't start sliding the wrong way again...

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Baked potato
Dinner choir rehearsal. I've realised I'm never hungry until I get home and then if I get a snack it's never enough and I end up raiding the cupboards, so instead I'm going to aim to cook a meal in advance and have it ready for when I get home - probably a pasta bake as I'm too busy to be very imaginative at the moment!

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Leftover tuna pasta bake
Dinner Stir-fry (which I will cook at my boyfriend's house)

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Leftover stir fry
Dinner I'm debating going to a potluck dinner and book signing but don't know if I really have time; if I'm at home I will find something in the freezer for dinner.

Breakfast cereal
Lunch couscous with chicken
Dinner With my boyfriend, probably at his house again as he hasn't been well

Breakfast cereal
Lunch couscous with chicken
Dinner monkfish wrapped in bacon with new potatoes

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch On a cake pops course so will take a packed lunch
Dinner With my boyfriend (hopefully at my house if he's well enough) - pulled pork and potato wedges

Brunch Findus-style crispy pancakes I've been promising my boyfriend for ages, but every time I've made them he hasn't been here
Dinner Need to check what I've got in the freezer to use up


  1. oo the bacon wrapped fish sounds good!
    Well done on not gaining any weight, I find MyFitnessPal helps to keep me on track x

  2. Lovely meals especially like the sound of monkfish wrapped in bacon

  3. The cake pops course sounds fun!
    Great menu :)
    Have a great week x

  4. Never tried monkfish wrapped in bacon, sounds good!

  5. Sounds like a delicious week! Well done on not putting any weight on :-)


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