Monday 10 June 2013

Meal Planning 2014 - week 24

I weighed in last Wednesday rather than Saturday and was really pleased to have lost a pound. I've just signed up to DietBet to give myself some extra motivation! It does mean though that it will be a week and a half until my next weigh-in so I need to be careful - so I've been going through my latest copy of Slimming World magazine for recipe ideas.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Sticky Quorn sausages from Slimming World magazine, with new potatoes and vegetables
Dinner Choir rehearsal so I'll take some chicken to snack on and have something like macaroni cheese on toast when I get home.

Breakfast Cereal or toast
Lunch Salmon and new potatoes and veg
Dinner Going to the youth club where I volunteer in the evening so I will have more of the roast chicken to snack on and take a sandwich I can eat on the way home.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Tuna Marie Rose wholemeal roll from Slimming World magazine
Dinner With my boyfriend but not sure if I'm going to his house or he is coming to mine so I haven't yet figured out what to eat.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Ham roll
Dinner A rare night in! Monkfish wrapped in bacon - I planned to do this a while ago but ended up having to postpone so the fish has stayed in the freezer. With Slimming World sweet potato cakes.

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch Baked potato with bacon and low-fat soft cheese
Dinner Visiting my boyfriend in hospital as he is having another kidney stone operation so I will take a tuna roll and some syn-free snacks to eat while I'm there

Breakfast Yogurt

Lunch I have a choir rehearsal for much of the day so will take a packed lunch; I think my best bet is a sandwich and some low or syn-free snacks.
Dinner Giraffe's jerk fish with lime and garlic jerk butter with the rest of the monkfish, with mini roast potato cubes

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch Quorn burger or sausages?
Dinner Going to my boyfriend's as he recovers from the operation- I'll wait and speak to his mum about dinner options and perhaps offer to cook for them. At some point I want to make pulled pork for him and also a really good burger like we did in our burger making lesson.


  1. Sounds as if you have a very busy week ahead. I had monkfish for the first time the other night and quite enjoyed it.

  2. Well done with the weight loss!!
    It does sound like you have a busy week planned!
    Great meal plan :)


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