Saturday 12 November 2011

Symmetry and borders

I think cards that display symmetry can look very professional and effective (which I guess is what I'm striving for). I bought a packet of stickers from Accessorize that contained probably about 60 small cupcake stickers. I placed a small square of coloured paper onto each card, edged it using a border outline sticker (cut to size) and placed the cupcake stickers in rows. Quite a simple design, but I really like it.

The above card also shows how effective a border can be. Here in the card below, the border is almost the main focus of the card. Again I started by placing a rectangle of coloured paper onto a coloured card (in a contrasting colour) and the stickers are from one sticker pack of party-themed stickers. They are placed almost haphazardly though I tried to only use a few on each card to not overcrowd the space. As above, I used an outline border sticker but this time in gold instead of silver, and the border is more decorative. The greetings below are also gold outline stickers (which generally cost 79p-99p for a whole sheet with about twenty greetings).

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