Friday 18 November 2011

Easter cards

I don't usually bother sending Easter cards but in 2009 decided I would make a few, as I'd got a free sheet of Easter stickers with a card making magazine called Creativity.

The first card below uses a square of patterned yellow paper on a yellow card blank, with a border round the edge. The Easter egg and word 'Easter' are both done with rubber stamps and partly coloured in. I'm not a huge fan of rubber stamping - though it works out cheaper ultimately than using stickers, as the stamps can be used again and again, they tend to be more expensive to start with (£3-£7 for a stamp) and it's actually quite hard to use them without smudging the ink a little. Despite that, I thought this card turned out well.

The second and third cards were quite quick to make - I covered a plain yellow card in patterned Easter paper and just added a couple of the free stickers that came with the magazine. The last card was made in a similar way but using two different pieces of printed paper, one to cover the whole card and the other for a square in the middle.

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  1. The cards are really very nice and worth appreciating. I would love to steal its idea and designs.


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