Sunday 6 November 2011

Christmas cards

These were the first Christmas cards I made a couple of years ago. I bought a pack of card blanks that contained red and green cards and envelopes. I also bought a pack of die-cut reindeer heads and other shapes including Christmas trees, which I used to make these fairly simple cards: These used similar die cut shapes, mounted onto a piece of paper in contrasting colour to the card itself. The card in the top right corner below used a foam Christmas tree shape and a silver metallic snowflake.

The two cards on the left used foam shapes, which I bought as part of a cheap sticker pack; the ones on the right use pictures I cut out from old Christmas cards, along with outline stickers saying "Happy Christmas" and silver snowflakes. I don't think they look as good as the die-cuts but when you have to make about 50 cards it's hard to spend as much time on each one!

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  1. These are some amazing designs of Christmas cards. I am really inspired with these vibrant designs.


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