Friday 18 November 2011

Cards for men

I always find it difficult to make cards for men. All too often, ideas in craft magazines or card making books, and the selection of stickers and embellishments you can buy that are aimed at men usually feature sports (mainly football and golf) or cars. My dad isn't interested in sports and while he is a Top Gear fan, I don't want to make him a car-themed card every year!

I am guilty of favouring blue when it comes to cards for men, but I think it's a nice colour anyway and is quite easy to mix and match shades.

My starting point here was to cover the bottom half of a blue card blank with blue patterned paper and I placed a piece of sticky ribbon about a third of the way up from the bottom. The lettering comes from a pack that included two sheets of letters -you got about six of each letter altogether, though it's always annoying when you run out of vowels and are left with a whole bunch of letters you can't make any more words from!

The dog and small flower and bee stickers come from the "Dandelion and Daisy" range - I think this was a free packet of stickers that came with Creativity magazine. I think my Dad really liked this card!

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