Sunday 6 November 2011

More cards from a couple of years back

Some more cards from a few years back.. this first one uses some simple coloured stickers but I mounted them onto white cardboard and attached them to the card with a small foam pad to make them stand out.

This one used a selection of embellishments from the same pack - some small shells which had a flat back (otherwise they would have been quite hard to stick on) and sequins. I used a blue card and decided to mount the embellishments onto a piece of blue paper which I backed onto another darker piece of blue paper.

These 'men's shirts' cards were from an idea in a magaine. I covered the plain card with some stripey blue paper that I thought most resembled a man's shirt, then cut a slit in the top of the card and folded each side down to make it look like a collar. The pocket was the same stripey paper stuck onto a small square piece of card, that was mounted on the card with a sticky foam pad to make it stand out. I thought these were quite good cards for male relatives.

This Mother's Day card features butterly outline stickers - in other words, delicate silver stickers that consist of lines with spaces in between, so when you stick them onto something the background colour shows through. I wanted them to stand out a little more so I stuck them onto thick purple paper and then stuck that onto the card, which I had covered with thin purple paper. I cut a diagonal line across the front of the card and stuck small die-cut butterflies across the border.

This card was for a young boy and a way for me to use up some foam fish and whale stickers. I got the idea from a card making magazine and printed out words I had typed on the computer saying "It's your birthday - have a whale of a time".

This one was for my Grandad, who was a keen lottery player. You can often find websites where you can download and print out your own patterned backing paper - though of course it uses up a lot of ink so isn't as cheap as it may sound! I printed off a lottery ticket backing paper and printed some words on the computer which I mounted on green foam so they would stand out. I think I also gave my Grandad a lucky dip lottery ticket inside the card, though I don't think he won anything!

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