Friday 25 November 2011

More 30th birthday albums

As soon as I gave Alice her birthday album, all my friends started clamouring for one. One asked me outright if I would do one for her birthday too, and I had to admit that I had already started working on it!

I really enjoyed making them - choosing the photographs and picking out embellishments, and remembering all the good times we had had. Each album did take several hours and probably cost a fair bit, given how many stickers, embellishments and other bits and pieces I bought for each one, but it was well worth it.

As you can see with these, I made the covers look similar, but used different colour schemes. I also tied a piece of ribbon through the spiral binding.

With the page below, a picture of me with one of my friends at another friend's wedding, I wanted the picture to be the main focus. We are wearing green dresses so I went for a pale green background, with some outline stickers in the corner (for a more classic rather than colourful modern effect) and a transparent sticker with the words "lifelong friends" across the top. I'm on the right in the photo by the way, I can't believe how young I look - but it was about 8 years ago!

This picture was taken while we enjoyed a jacuzzi in a hotel swimming pool. I remember the photo was taken by the waiter who brought us our drinks - we weren't supposed to have drinks near the pool, I wonder how we managed to persuade him?!

I used some leftover lettering stickers from a recent birthday card (see the previous "Cards for men" post) to spell out "water babies" and added a couple of sticky metallic blue flowers. The page also has a blue background, in keeping with the water theme - all of it was thought through!

Can you recognise me in the photo? He he....

This picture was from my friend's wedding. I used some dome stickers with love and wedding wording and a foam heart, along with what I considered a romantic colourscheme for the background. Sorry the photo is sideways!

Incidentally every album had a lot more photos than this - I think there were about 20 pages - but I am only including a few of them here. See the previous post for more information on how and why they were made.

In the example below, I used two photos from a party where my friend was doing some very impressive karaoke. I went for a jazzy-colured background, a 3D "star" sticker and some musical notes.

This page was to remind my friends of a really fun girls' holiday we had in Croatia. The background paper is the colour of sunset (roughly when this photo was taken, as we were going out for the evening) and as well as the sun sticker, I stuck on a little cocktail umbrella, the kind you get in drinks. Of which I think we had plenty!

This is from the same holiday and as the pages were adjacent in the scrapbook, I used the same background paper. The two main embellishments are really cool - they are sticky, but designed to look like bottle tops, and were actually made of metal. They were printed with different holiday messages or pictures and I think came in a pack of six.

This picture is from one of the girl's hen nights, where some people had a surfing lesson. I bought a packet of Jolie's stickers on a surfing theme and, unsurprisingly, used a blue background with a swirly pattern (which you can't quite make out in this photo) to represent waves and the sea.

And here is the lovely hen getting married! I kept this page quite simple, and used a purple background to reflect the colours of some of the guests' dresses. I added a big "love" 3d sticker and a "friends forever" sticky ribbon across the button.

I am on the left in this photo, laughing because the heel of my shoe got stuck in the grass!

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  1. These look amazing!! You know what m going to say now ... I want one too ;)


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