Saturday 24 June 2017

Restaurant review: Cote Brasserie, St Christophers Place, London

I had a late dinner at Cote one evening with my mother-in-law after I had been to a KitchenAid cooking demonstration with chef Michael Moore. The demo didn't finish until 9 and even though I'd had a couple of bites to eat, trying some of the food that Michael cooked, it didn't really count as dinner.

We were near St Christopher's Place and my mother-in-law knew of Cote and wanted to go there - we passed some much more interesting restaurants as we walked, like Bone Daddies, but we were also with one of her work colleagues at the time so I didn't want to suggest anything else - I knew Cote would be comfortable, with plenty on the menu for everyone and in any case eating ramen (which Bone Daddies serves) is a pretty messy experience and probably not something to do with a work contact!

Because it was late I didn't want a heavy meal and also nothing that would take too long to cook or eat; there was a plats rapides menu that offered a couple of dishes that could be served quickly - I had the cod goujons for £11.95 which were essentially fishfingers but very large, chunky ones - nothing like the floppy flat ones you sometimes get in packets! It came with French fries- I declined the option of peas - and tartare sauce, and was very good. I recommend it if you are in the area, but next time I might try Bone Daddies!


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