Tuesday 27 June 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 Week 26

So the weather has turned and it doesn't look like we will be having barbecues this week! Never mind - not long til we go on holiday to sunny Malta.

Lunch: chicken salad with watermelon
Dinner: taking my husband to the optician after work to help me choose a new pair of glasses so we might get some dinner while we are out

Lunch: working from home - maybe a toasted sandwich
Dinner: home late after a circuits class; will probably have a microwave risotto when I get home

Lunch: salad or sandwich as I don't have long to eat before going to a school where I volunteer
Dinner: salmon and vegetables for me, chicken grillsteak for him (meant to do last week but didn't)

Lunch: salad
Dinner: pizza from the freezer as I think we will be home late

Lunch: salad
Dinner: chicken goujons/ fishfingers and chips

Lunch: crumpet pizzas
Dinner: chicken and bacon pies with mashed potatoes

Lunch: lemon chicken pasta with rest of jar of sauce
Dinner: toad in the hole

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