Monday 5 June 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 Week 23

The weather has reverted to not being so warm again so I don’t think we will barbecue this week – unless we can’t use the kitchen as our windows and patio doors are being replaced at some point! As I write on Monday evening it's chucking it down with rain which is good for the garden I suppose - very different from the blazing sunshine we had on the London to Brighton classic and sports car rally yesterday
Lunch - chicken salad
Dinner - Lasagne with veg
Tuesday  - working from home
Lunch - baked potato
Dinner - at circuits class til 8.30 so need a quick dinner, it might have to be a ready meal or instant risotto or something on toast
Wednesday – my husband is off as our double glazing is being done. I don’t know which day this week or next they are doing the kitchen and whether that will affect my ability to cook!
 Lunch - sandwich as I'm doing my fortnightly school volunteering and have only got ten minutes for lunch
Dinner - spaghetti carbonara
Lunch- chicken salad or leftover spaghetti
Dinner - chilli and ginger glazed cod for me and my mother in law, chicken for my husband (from Weightwatchers Delicious p130)
Lunch- salad
Dinner- sausage and chips
Lunch- Findus crispy pancakes - bit of a blast from the past
Dinner- chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, with a baked sweet potato and salad, I was going to do last week but didn't
Lunch- crumpets with eggs, bacon etc
Dinner - roast chicken thighs
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