Friday 18 November 2016

Restaurant Review: Bishopsgate Kitchen, London

Poached eggs seem to be a bit of a thing with me at the moment. My team had a very early start recently when the company we work for reported its Q3 financial results, so when all was done, we went for a team breakfast (as it was also my manager's birthday) at the Bishopsgate Kitchen. I didn't realise until I looked at the website just now that it is run by Benugo's which actually runs the café in my office building!

This was definitely better as it is a proper bar and restaurant with quite a wide menu of dishes, far more than it would be feasible to offer in the workplace. I had the chorizo hash, which came with sliced potatoes, a poached duck egg, spinach and parmesan cheese, for £10.50.

It tasted really good though a little on the spicy side because of the chorizo and was very filling, though I think quite expensive for what it was. I also found the potatoes quite dry so I kept needing sips of water while I ate! Overall it was still a good breakfast and a nice change from the norm.

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