Monday 28 November 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 48

It's been a crazy week both at work and personally. On Thursday night I did Sleep Out for Centrepoint which was very cold and uncomfortable but an amazing experience. My dinner that night was cooked by the RAF (chicken curry); the next night, I had a takeaway pizza with my husband as I was far too tired to cook, and the next night I didn't get home til 9pm so we went to the chip shop! My diet has been really bad for several days and as a result I'm really craving broccoli!

I'd already done this week's meal plan and here is what I had planned. Some things may need to shift around or I may need a quicker alternative as I will undoubtedly end up working late at least some of the time this week.

Meal I meant to make last week but didn't: Inspired by a new dish at Leon: chicken thigh with spiralized carrot, mooli and sweet potato, with mint, coriander and a peanut sauce, and a peppered beef grillsteak for him. Only it didn't quite pan out as I couldn't get hold of mooli!

Lahmacun - a sort of Turkish pizza, from a recipe in an old Weightwatchers magazine

Wednesday - I'm out at a colleague's leaving do, my husband will probably go to his mum's

Thursday -honey, ginger and garlic chicken with spiralized veg for me and potatoes for him

chicken nuggets and chips or similar as an end-of-week treat

Lunch: chorizo hash with eggs from an old Weightwatchers magazine (with hash browns on the side)
Dinner: Out with my mother-in-law; I'm taking her to see Dreamgirls in the West End starring Amber Riley as an early Christmas present - and because I really wanted to see it myself! I bought tickets the minute they went on sale at the beginning of this year and if memory serves we are in the 3rd or 4th row!

Lunch: bacon sandwich (my husband's favourite)
Dinner: lamb chop and roast potatoes for me, beef grillsteak for him

Something I was going to make for the last 2 weeks but didn't: pear and hazelnut crumble for me, from Weightwatchers magazine; chocolate crumble from this recipe for my husband as he doesn't eat fruit. Of course the pears I bought will have gone off by now so I will have to buy more!

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  1. Mmmm the honey, ginger and garlic chicken sounds delicious. Hope you are having a good week x #mealplanningmonday


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