Monday 7 November 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 45

I had the whole of last week off from work and did a lot of decluttering and organising around the house, plus a day of card making - some of which you will start to see on the blog soon! It was really nice to have time to cook nice meals and a couple of desserts as well, but I got so complacent that when I turned to this week's meal plan on Sunday I realised I hadn't actually done it! I did a huge online grocery shop at the beginning of last week and did try to buy a lot to go in the freezer so I am going to plan as many meals this week as I can that don't involve doing any more grocery shopping. I also need to get back onto the diet wagon though!

For lunches this week I am going to have the broccoli cheese soup left over from the end of last week (which was really nice - recipe coming soon) and I'm going to aim to make the cream of sweet potato soup from 'America's Favourite Recipes' (p.214) - though with a couple of nights out this week I may not get time.

The plan was for spiralized carrot and butternut squash with prawns for me, chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him - unfortunately there were massive train delays this evening thanks to a trespasser so dinner was a ham and cheese croissant at the station!

Out at the theatre

tuna and rest of spiralized veg for me, lasagne and garlic bread for him

I'm out for drinks after work (following an award ceremony in the afternoon where I've been shortlisted for two awards), my husband will probably go to his mum's

sausage and chips

Lunch: Leon egg pots (recipe here) with baked beans on toast for him as I don't think the eggs will be enough
Dinner: chicken fajitas and enchiladas

Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, jacket potato for me
Dinner: I'll have Shrimp Marinara (America's Most Wanted Recipes p.232) with broccoli bites (p.26) that was on the meal plan for last week which I didn't do and he can have toad in the hole as he doesn't eat those things.

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  1. You have some fab meals planned. I make a lovely sweet potato soup with coconut, it is so good ♡


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