Thursday 17 December 2015

Red and Gold Anniversary Card

Does everyone send anniversary cards to their parents? In some ways it seems a bit weird, like “congratulations on getting married so you could have me!” – but since my sister and I were children we have always given my parents cards, and presents on the milestone anniversaries like their 25th – they are on their 38th now I think!
I made this card for my parents anniversary this year. I didn’t really have a design in mind but had a piece of red polka dot paper which I liked, so I used that to cover a card, and added a red heart from a huge pack of foam hearts I bought from Hema last year.
I had also bought a set of card toppers from Ebay with various sentiments so put one of these at the top of the page, and a gold outline sticker saying ‘happy anniversary’. Finally I added some gold hearts along the bottom. The problem with the outline stickers is I only use one a year – but from 2017 I will have my own wedding anniversary and can make a card for my husband!

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