Monday 28 December 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2016 Week 1

Happy new year! Well, almost - 2016 starts on Friday but this is officially the first meal plan of the year. I'm determined to shed the Christmas weight I'm sure I have put on (I haven't actually checked!) and then I do need to lose some more weight as I'm getting married in June!

Monday – bank holiday – going to see my sister in Southampton then staying the night at my parents'
Tuesday- day off
Lunch: any more Christmas leftovers
Dinner: I'll have chilli, garlic and lime salmon with prawns from this recipe and he can have chicken.
Wednesday – day off
Lunch: tuna nicoise tortillas based broadly on this recipe
Dinner: at my fiancé's mum's
Thursday- day off. New year’s eve
Lunch: leftovers from yesterday
Dinner: steak and chips (with prawns as surf and turf for me)
Friday – day off (bank holiday)
Lunch: naan bread pizzas
Dinner: sausage ragu with spiralized butternut squash (I've had this on the meal plan for ages but keep not doing it)
Lunch: on the train to Cheltenham
Dinner: with my school friends in Cheltenham
Lunch: with my school friends in Cheltenham
Dinner: burger and chips as I'm not sure what time I will be back


  1. Thanks for this the meal planning becomes so easy with your help.

  2. Thank you so much for this plan. I will follow this.


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