Tuesday 8 December 2015

F1 Round-Up: Abu Dhabi

We've come to the end of the Formula 1 season with the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Britain's Lewis Hamilton won the championship, which made my fiancé happy, and I've had the opportunity to cook and bake dishes from all sorts of different countries. I hope all those of you who have taken part enjoyed it!

The most recent challenge then was Abu Dhabi - one that had me hunting on Google for suitable recipes. This lamb in pomegranate sauce recipe I found was delicious and easy to make if you use store-bought pomegranate molasses which I found easily in Sainsburys.

Suelle from Mainly Baking made Muaddas: a dish of rice and lentils with fried onions from a cookbook on Middle Eastern recipes that she had at home. She served it on the side with a vegetable casserole.

To mark the end of the Formula 1 season itself I posted this Ferrari car cake I'd made my dad for his birthday, which I was quite pleased with. I used my airbrushing kit (for cakes) to paint it red!

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