Friday 20 November 2015

'Will you be my bridesmaid?' cards

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is both an honour and a responsibility, so when I asked my friends, I wanted it to be more than just an ‘oh by the way….’. As I love card making I decided to make them some little cards instead. I gave these to my friends in person when we were talking about the wedding, and watched them open the cards and smile which was a lovely experience. Here are some ideas you can use if you are looking to do the same.

I made each card different as we hadn’t really started thinking about the wedding yet but knew there would be something of a cow theme as my new last name will be Cowe.
I chose pre-printed card blanks – which is a contradiction in terms but basically it’s a box of cards that are blank inside and have different patterns on the front that you can use as a basis for embellishments. They are handy if you need to make a card in a hurry because you are seeing someone the next day!
For the first card I chose a pink heart background and printed out some text on the computer onto white paper, which I mounted on pink – which looks a bit wonky now I look closely! I wanted to find a silly rhyme or something other than just “Will you be my bridesmaid?” which is on the card, so I also added: “I promise no frilly dress if you will say yes.” At the bottom almost as an after-thought I’ve put “Llama wrangling may be required”- something of an in-joke between me and my bridesmaid who has suggested a llama trek for the hen party!
I finished the card with some dress and coat hanger stickers which I think were from Anita’s.

For the second card I chose a purple, pink and white check card and again printed out some words from the computer, saying “You’re more than just a guest so please say yes/Will you be my bridesmaid”. I added some cardboard stickers I had in my craft box of a pink dress and shoes and then of course a silver cow outline sticker, as I had to have a cow on it somewhere!

I decided to do the third card a bit differently and chose a fun purple flower background and some jolly glitter stickers of a flower, rainbow and bee and also a cute cartoon cow topper that was the last of a pack I bought ages ago. On the front I wrote “thank you for always being there for me so now I have a question for you” – I knew that my friend would know what I meant by the first part of that, as she was very supportive when I went through a tough time a few years back. When you open the card, there is a glittery heart inside and the question “will you be my bridesmaid?” – and I was very happy to report that all three recipients of the cards said yes.


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  1. what a lovely idea. i'm allready welling up-god knows what i will be like on the day!!


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