Sunday 15 November 2015

Bolo de Leite Condensado: Brazilian Condensed Milk Cake

Reaching into the larder for a tin of Carnation caramel recently, I grabbed a tin of Carnation condensed milk and only realised when I’d taken the lid off. Oops! So I needed to find a recipe to use the condensed milk.

Luckily, I was also looking for a Brazilian recipe for the next round of Formula 1 Foods, and happened across this recipe for condensed milk cake – bolo de leite condensado. Perfect!
Unfortunately, I didn’t like the cake all that much. It had quite a rubbery texture – I couldn’t entirely tell if this was from the condensed milk as it almost looked undercooked, but in fact I had to bake it for a lot longer than the 40 minutes the recipe instructed – it was in the oven for 1 hour 10 minutes, as even after an hour it wasn’t cooked through. There are a couple of comments on the website for this recipe, one of which says it took 90 minutes to cook and wasn’t great, but two other comments saying the cake is lovely if a bit too sweet and you could reduce the amount of sugar. So take from that what you will – I for one won’t be making this cake again, but since I went to all the effort (and I need a Brazilian entry for Formula 1 Foods) I am sharing it with you anyway.

You can read the full recipe here: the steps are very simple but as I said I would disagree with the cooking time and think it needs at least 70 minutes and perhaps it does need 90.

It does look very pretty when it comes out of the oven though!

 As I didn’t like the texture, I didn’t take it into work as planned, but also didn’t want to waste it. So I decided to try it as a hot dessert with custard which was a bit better!

I'm sharing this with Formula 1 Foods, the blog challenge I host, as the next race is in Brazil.

I also co-host Alphabakes with Ros of The More Than Occasional Baker and the letter she has chosen this month is M so I'm sending in this condensed milk cake.



  1. I've heard of this cake but never made it. It looks glorious and that golden crack across the top makes me want to dive right in!!

  2. The cake looks really pretty and great save finding a recipe to use up the condensed milk. I'm sure you work colleagues would have eaten it with gusto! Thanks for entering AlphaBakes.


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