Saturday 7 November 2015

Restaurant Review: Cannizaro House, Wimbledon

This was both the most memorable meal of my life, and the most forgettable, because I can barely recall what I ate (though luckily for this blog I took photos). For one simple reason: the man I adore had just proposed not half an hour earlier.
We had been talking about getting married for literally years, and by the time it happened I was getting pretty impatient; there had been some signs over the past few months and weeks that he was leading up to it, but as we were about to go on holiday (with his mum, so I knew or rather hoped he wouldn’t propose then) I’d pretty much given up on the idea of it happening.

He suggested we go out to lunch on Sunday, then in the morning told me it was actually dinner, which made me start to wonder… all I knew was that we were heading to Wimbledon and as we pulled up outside the impressive sight of Cannizaro House, I was pretty sure this was going to be it. Even then, as we took a walk around the beautiful gardens before dinner and he distracted me by pointing something out, I was still too shocked to speak when I turned back around to find him on one knee holding out a ring. Of course I said yes!

As we  walked back into the hotel, we were greeted with celebratory drinks (my now-fiance had told the staff what he was planning in case the weather was bad and they were going to find us a private area indoors) and went to our table for dinner, in the quietest corner of their conservatory area. I highly recommend this as a location to pop the question!
So as for the meal itself, I remember ordering lamb… it came with some sort of sauce and fries and was delicious. My new fiancé had steak and béarnaise sauce.

For dessert we had beignets, which are like mini doughnuts, that came with a chocolate dipping sauce. My fiancé was a bit disappointed they weren't the same as the beignets he'd had in New Orleans - but having subsequently been there on the aforementioned holiday and tried them, I definitely prefer these!

But honestly, I really wasn't thinking about the food....


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