Tuesday 10 November 2015

F1 Foods - Mexico Round-Up and the next challenge: Brazil

I've made a few Mexican dishes lately which are appropriate as the most recent Formula 1 Grand Prix took place in Mexico.

I made these Green Chilli Chicken Chilaquiles, but definitely was too cautious with the chilli!

and I went to a blogger event hosted by Old El Paso where I tried out some recipes and their new Stand 'n' Stuff kits -check them out here.

Chilli does of course go very well with chocolate and Suelle from Mainly Baking made these spiced brownies. She said the spices had a warm and earthy flavour which sounds really good.

This weekend the Formula 1 Grand Prix comes from Brazil - I don't have any cachaca but I do have a Brazilian recipe up my sleeve! Please share yours - sweet or savoury - in the linkup below. You have until Sunday 22nd November so that should be plenty of time!

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