Pizza Union promises “superfast” pizzas and it really does deliver. The only time I’ve gotten my lunch faster was probably when I was in McDonalds.
The restaurant has a wide menu of 12 inch thin-base pizzas with a variety of optional extra toppings, but pizza is the only thing they serve other than drinks and desserts. You join a queue, pick up your drink from the chiller, order at the counter and are given a buzzer. Less than five minutes later (if the lunchtime I was there is typical) your buzzer will sound, and you collect your food from their serving area.

The pizzas are tasty with good quality ingredients; I went for the ‘tropicali’, or Hawaiian by any other name. I couldn’t resist trying their dessert as well. There are small items like brownies and cannoli on the counter, very reasonably priced at £1.50, but on the menu itself there is the ‘dolce’ – a dough ring filled with nutella and mascarpone. This is big enough to share and is basically a roll of pizza dough shaped into a ring; when you cut it open, the nutella and mascarpone oozes out. It was nice but the sweet and savoury flavours were a little alien to my palette and while I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn’t bother ordering it again.

Not far from Liverpool Street station in Sandy’s Row, the restaurant and takeaway is great for office lunch breaks or if you have some time to kill before a train. It’s not the sort of place you would linger over dinner with friends however, due to the industrial-style décor and wooden bench seating; you share your table with other diners and collect your food yourself. Fast service means fast turnaround and the food is cheap – I had two courses and a drink and still had change from a tenner. I think this restaurant will do well.