Monday 1 December 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 49

The operation to remove my wisdom teeth went well and I felt a lot better than I expected afterwards, though I was only able to eat soup and soft food for a few days. Hopefully this week things will be back to normal as I am going on a work trip to Edinburg for two days which will involve meals out with people I don't know so I doubt I will be able to dribble soup!

I had to ditch a few of the meals I planned over the last couple of weeks and at the time of writing I don't know if I am still having people over for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and if there will be leftovers to use up, so I'm not going to buy any fresh food for meals this week in case I end up eating leftovers instead.

Schnitzel with sauerkraut

BBQ chicken with a flavour pot I got in my Degustabox

Away with work

Probably not back until after dinner time

Pizza or chicken and chips

Lunch: butternut squash and goats cheese pasta for me, bacon sandwich for him
Dinner: at my boyfriend's mum's who has takeaway on Saturdays because we will be helping decorate her Christmas tree

Decorating our own Christmas tree! So perhaps something festive for
Lunch: tuna melt/ham melt bagels
Dinner: Sweet and sour chicken from this recipe for me, toad in the hole for him

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