Monday 8 December 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 50

Monday - chicken curry using sauce that came in my Degustabox, which hopefully will be quick as we have to take the cat to the vet after work.

Tues 9-  Home late as I've got a checkup at the hospital after having my wisdom teeth out; not sure what time I will be back.
Weds 10 – out for dinner with a friend
Thurs 11 –  baked meatballs with goat's cheese from this recipe
Fri 12 – salmon with sesame, soy and ginger noodles for me (recipe from BBC Good Food magazine), omelette and chips for him
Sat 13 – my uni friends here; cooking a pre-Christmas dinner for as many as 9 people including both fussy meat eaters and a vegan. So my plan is a roasted vegetable strudel with red pepper coulis and a turkey, brie and cranberry wellington. I will serve them with roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables, probably honey-roast carrots (but using agave nectar instead of honey as it is vegan), broccoli and roasted parsnips. I think that will take me all day! Of course I want to do dessert as well - one has to be vegan so I've found a recipe for vegan tiramisu, and I was meaning to make an eggnog cheesecake last week but didn't because I was ill so will do it for today.
Sun 14 – friends still here for brunch: vegan 'buttermilk' pancakes from Keep It Vegan by Aime Carlin with banana and chocolate chips or pears and toffee sauce
Dinner: New York bacon burgers with Cajun wedges - Slimming World recipe. Or, leftovers from yesterday.

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