Monday 15 December 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 51

It's almost Christmas! I don't actually have that many social events planned but am expecting to be quite busy this week generally - though I have already wrapped all my Christmas gifts! In fact it's been a manic few weeks where I have been ill and really busy at work and had friends over at the weekend so it will be quite nice for my boyfriend and I to just be able to relax this last week before Christmas!
Monday – burger and chips as my boyfriend likes that sort of thing and I haven't had it for ages
Tuesday - turkey schnitzel I kept meaning to make and not being able to!
Wednesday – Out at a colleague's leaving drinks and our work Christmas do
Thursday- my boyfriend is out this evening so I will have a chicken stir fry
Friday - sausage and mash with rest of sauerkraut from Tuesday for me
Saturday -
lunch- cheese on toast
dinner - my boyfriend wants to go and see the new Hobbit film; we might be better off having dinner at home beforehand as I think restaurants will be very busy! I will do something fairly quick and also that is one of his favourites - chicken fajitas.
Sunday – We are thinking of inviting our neighbours (the whole street - though there are only 13 houses as it's a small mews) round for a Christmas drink and mince pie, if we do I won't want to make too much mess cooking lunch or dinner! So my boyfriend could have a bacon sandwich which he is always keen on and I might make the butternut squash pasta that was on a recent menu plan which I didn't do.
Dinner - depending on what time people leave, I could make a quick chicken curry or do the meatball pasta from the mealplan last week which I didn't do as I was working very late, providing I don't have pasta for lunch.

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