Monday 22 December 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 52

It's Christmas!

Monday- I was going to cook tonight but my boyfriend wanted to go to the chip shop, I usually say no but this time I decided it's Christmas so why not!

Tuesday- my parents are coming to stay and will be here for lunch; I'm now off work for the rest of the week but unfortunately my boyfriend couldn't get any time off over Christmas.
Lunch - jacket potato with brie, bacon and cranberry
Dinner - slow cooker sausage casserole

Weds: Christmas Eve
lunch-tortilla pizzas
dinner - Burgers, as I don't want anything too similar to what we will be eating over the next few days. I have a burger recipe book and will make a 'classic cheeseburger' for my boyfriend and dad, and as my mum and I like to try different things sometimes, the sweet potato and halloumi burger for us. I will also invite my boyfriend's mum over and this would be suitable for her as she's vegetarian. Bread pudding for dessert.

Thursday - Christmas Day. Breakfast: cinnamon brioche French toast
dinner: roast turkey, of course - with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings (don't traditionally go with turkey but my boyfriend loves them), pigs in blankets, stuffing, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy, brussel sprouts (for my parents), other veg - carrots, cauli, parsnip probably. I think that's everything! I think trying to make a dessert as well might be a bit much so I've got Heston's chocolate slice for Waitrose which looks amazing.
for the evening: leftover turkey sandwiches if anyone is hungry; with sausage rolls and Pringles most likely as that's a family tradition.

Friday - Boxing Day
Brunch: we will have a filling breakfast as we are going to my boyfriend's mum's who hosts a big family party on Boxing Day but we don't eat until 2pm, so maybe sausage and bacon sandwiches. I am going to make an apple strudel to take with us on Boxing day.
Dinner: We won't want anything by the time we get home!

Saturday - going to visit my sister; we should be home for the evening so will have something quick from the freezer or Boxing day leftovers

lunch- Boxing day leftovers
dinner- Maybe a pasta bake with sausages for my boyfriend; I'd love to have salmon after a lot of meat this week but he doesn't eat fish. So I will see what leftovers we have - but knowing my boyfriend he will want to order a pizza as a change from Christmas food!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week! x

  2. Ahh! Everything sounds fab! I really do love all the food at this time of year!
    Have a wonderful Christmas! x


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