Monday 29 December 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 1

It's not 2015 yet but technically this is classed as week 1 of 2015, so happy new year! I haven't yet finalised my plans (or come up with any viable ideas) for new year's eve at this point in time so I will update that later... we might invite people over on new year's day if everyone already has plans on new year's eve. We're way past wanting to actually go out on new year's eve!

Monday - back at work. Chicken kiev and chips as an alternative to leftovers.

Tuesday - Dinner at my boyfriend's mum's

Wednesday - new year's eve. We're having a quiet night in and I've bought some good quality steak.

Thursday - new year's day. We are inviting my boyfriend's family over and I'm doing a buffet.

Friday - back at work. Either leftovers or stir-fry for me, burger and chips for him.

Saturday- Going to see my sister: we were meant to see her last weekend but she was ill.

Sunday lunch-bacon sandwich for him, mackerel in mustard sauce on toast for me
dinner- Slimming World Lancashire hotpot, but I will have to do it with gammon or chicken for him


  1. I haven't had chicken Kiev for ages! Definitely going on a plan, near future. That's why I love this linky!

  2. The slimming world Lancashire hotpot sounds lovley AND healthy, will be googling the recipe (unless its your own?) xx


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