Friday 8 November 2013

Restaurant Review - Leon, Heathrow Airport

Restaurant name: Leon
Location: Heathrow Terminal 3
Description: "Naturally"  fast food (i.e. relatively healthy) made with seasonal ingredients. There is also a Leon near my office which offers takeaway or about a dozen tables to eat in; the lunch options include currys and rice-based dishes with a lot of superfood salads and things like falafel wrap.
Reason for visit: Airport breakfast before flying to Cambodia. I generally have little love of airport food but thought Leon would be worth trying for breakfast.

I ate: A poached egg pot and (as I wasn't sure how filling that would be) a pain au chocolat and a cup of tea.
The food was: I was very impressed by the egg pot. The egg is poached and there are a range of toppings available including chorizo and truffle or bacon and spicy beans. I chose shredded ham and the meal was delicious - the egg had a little bit of what I think was cheese sauce on top and the saltiness of the ham went perfectly with the egg. With the pain au chocolat as well, this set me up really well for the flight.
The atmosphere/service was: Fine - it's counter service so you carry your own tray to the table. It wasn't too busy despite being breakfast time, and seemed to be popular with lone travellers working on laptops so it was quite quiet.

Price range/value for money: I forget exactly how much I paid, and according to the menu on their website the egg pots are £2.30 but I'm sure I paid more than that - no doubt the premium you always pay for airport food. Overall I think the three items cost about £7 which wasn't bad as it was very filling, and a lot better than the breakfast I had here.
Would I recommend it? For breakfast absolutely, and not only if you are at the airport. When I had lunch at the branch near my office I wasn't quite so impressed; I had the meatballs which are served with brown rice and I don't really like brown rice. I like the fact that Leon offers a healthy fast range but the option of white rice would have been nice.

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