Friday 29 November 2013

Book review: Sophie Grigson's Country Kitchen

Book title Country Kitchen - 120 Seasonal Recipes

Author Sophie Grigson

Publisher Headline

Year published 2003

Price/RRP £16.99 but I got it for a couple of pounds.

Where did I get it?  At a newspaper book sale, where the books department sold off books they had been sent and gave the money to charity (one of the perks of working on a newspaper!).

The blurb on the back Fresh food is the cornerstone of Sophie Grigson's cookery. Her own garden, farm shops and local markets - to say nothing of what grows wild in the fields- all provide her with inspiration to create simple dishes for friends and family. Here she has collected together more than 120 delicious recipes that make cooking an all-year-round pleasure.
Packed with colourful and imaginative dishes, and full of enticing photos to get your cookery cravings going, Sophie Grigson's Country Kitchen will have you running for your nearest farmers' market, hunting for seasonal ingredients at your local supermarket or getting your own hands dirty in no time.

Overview of book The book is divided into four sections - spring, summer, autumn and winter, and within those there are a mixture of sweet and savoury recipes. As well as recipes there are pages devoted to a particular ingredient such as yeast or candied peel which is informative though to be honest I haven't bothered reading most of them as I am more interested in the recipes. It's eye catching - some of the recipes are printed on coloured pages - and none of the recipes are too fussy or difficult to make.

First recipe in the book Crab and asparagus soup

Last recipe in the book Potato, sunflower seed and sage bread

Random recipe from the middle of the book Blackberry and clotted cream ice cream

Quality/number of photographs Several pages have small pictures but instead of being a photo of the finished dish, you get a picture of one ingredient or something seasonal like flowerpots or autumn leaves. Other pages have no photos at all, and full page pictures of the finished recipe are relatively few. Somehow that doesn't detract too much overall from the book though.

Number of pages 246

Have I made anything from this book? Lamb chops with red onion and balsamic vinegar- a lovely recipe where you dice carrots, celery and onion and cook them in balsamic vinegar until they have caramelized and serve them on top of the lamb.  Flicking through the book I don't think I've actually made anything else which surprises me, as I've had this book a long time and several of the recipes look very appealing. I think I will use it again soon!

Overall impression in three words Appealing, usable, seasonal


  1. Seems to be a great book. Maybe I'll add it to my book collection.

  2. One of my particular faves on my cookbook bookshelf , love Sophie's down to earth seasonal style


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