Saturday 9 November 2013

Restaurant Review: Fuzzy's Grub

Restaurant name: Fuzzy's Grub
Location: Bow Lane, London
Description: Not technically a restaurant, this is a takeaway sandwich and hot snack shop specialising in roasted meats.
Reason for visit: Lunch when I was at work and fancied something hot and filling (I may have had a hangover that day...)
I ate: I've had the sausage sandwich here a few times, and the bread is amazing - soft doorsteps with chewy crusts, but unfortunately because the sausages sit in a metal tray (as above), by the time I get the sandwich back to the office five minutes away, the sausages are always cold. They also do a great roast; for just over £5 you can have several slices of roasted meat (usually turkey, chicken, beef or lamb), roast or mashed potatoes (or both), Yorkshire pudding, various vegetables, stuffing and gravy. If you choose to have it in a takeaway container it's piled up fit to bursting. The other option is to have all of the above in a sandwich, which I was a bit dubious about. But one time the person in front of me in the queue ordered just that, so I decided to do the same - minus the vegetables as I couldn't really imagine carrots in a sandwich!
The food was: Delicious. Who knew this would work in a sandwich?! Word of advice - choose the large bap. I'm not sure how sliced bread would hold up.
The atmosphere/service was: It's a friendly, busy and popular place; the queue is sometimes out the door and down the street but service is fast so you are never waiting long.

Price range/value for money: Good value, especially the roast
Would I recommend it? Definitely, it's one of my favourite places if I want a hot and filling (read: stodgy) lunch at work.

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  1. I've just discovered this place has closed down - at least this branch has. What a shame! There are other branches around London though.


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