Monday 25 November 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 48

I'm intending to stick to the Slimming World 7 Day Meal Planner for a second week while I try to shift the weight I put on when I was in America (which you will understand when I post reviews of some of the restaurants I ate at!). I weighed myself rather than go to Slimming World last Saturday as my parents were visiting, and in the space of a week I'd already lost more than half the weight I put on during two weeks in America, which is a really good start! The Slimming World magazines have a lot of great recipes but only one 7-Day meal plan per magazine. Last week I did the menu from the Nov/Dec issue so this week I will use the one from the October issue.

Breakfast Omelette - not a great start as I don't like omelettes. Instead I will have either a boiled or poached egg if I have time (I have to go in early on Mondays for a meeting) or otherwise yogurt.
Lunch SW menu: John West Light Lunch Moroccan Style salmon salad. I'm not a fan of salad and I don't know if my local Tesco Metro stocks these so instead I will have salmon pasta. Update: I forgot to make the pasta on Sunday night so am switching today's lunch with Tuesday's.
Dinner No more choir rehearsals as our concert was last week so I will be at home for dinner but my boyfriend will go to his mum's as usual. SW suggests spiced chicken burgers with wedges which sound nice but I will save them for a night he is home. I'll have the menu suggestion from another day: sticky beef noodles.
Snacks: ham; fruit.

Breakfast SW menu: spaghetti hoops on toast. For breakfast?! Anyway I don't like those or baked beans either so think I will stick to a yogurt.
Lunch SW menu: Thai salad with chicken breast - I'm not keen on salad. I should still have some of the chicken noodle soup left from Sunday.
Dinner SW menu: shepherd's pie. Neither I nor my boyfriend are keen on this so instead I will use mince to make spaghetti and meatballs.
Snacks: seafood sticks, fruit

Breakfast SW menu: grilled kippers- but I have my Bupa annual health check that I get from work today and all I am allowed to have before hand is dry toast and water.
Lunch SW menu: tomato soup with a small wholemeal roll and fruit. I don't like tomato soup so I will make carrot and coriander soup (or if I run out of time I have a can in the cupboard, though that won't be syn free).
Dinner spiced chicken burgers with wedges
Lemon quark for dessert or if I get time to make it,SW chocolate Swiss roll with chocolate quark. Angel Delight for my boyfriend if I have the lemon quark.

Breakfast Hi Fi bar and yogurt
Lunch Batchelors Deli Box Noodles Chow Mein - this has peas in it which I don't like so instead I will have a Batchelors pasta, which I can make in the microwave at work and is syn free.
Dinner I'm out at a Thanksgiving Dinner - my department is having one as we work for an American company. I'm looking forward to turkey and all the trimmings!

Breakfast SW menu: bubble and squeak. Honestly, who dreams these up? That is another thing I wouldn't fancy eating first thing in the morning and it's not much use for those of us who have to rush off to the office! I will stick to my trusty yogurt.
Lunch Turkey sandwich with watercress and thinly sliced apple - an unusual combination but why not? I assume the apple is in the sandwich and not to be eaten afterwards anyway?!
Dinner SW menu plan is Thai prawn coconut curry; but we are off to the cinema to see the Hunger Games and as we need to go straight from work we will eat out. I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games - when I was in America earlier this month I visited one of the locations in North Carolina where the first movie in the series was filmed. Here's me at Henry River Mill Village, aka District 12:

Breakfast SW menu: bacon sandwich. I have to rush off to SW in the morning so I will have a yogurt and we can have this for lunch.
Lunch Bacon sandwich or maybe today's SW menu of baked potato
Dinner SW menu is cheesy Mediterranean pasta bake which I don't think is exciting enough for a Saturday dinner. Instead I will do Friday's SW menu of prawn curry, and a chicken curry for my boyfriend; rest of SW swiss roll for dessert.

Breakfast Eggy bread
Lunch I am meeting a friend and her daughter in town for lunch so my boyfriend will undoubtedly go to his mum's.
Dinner Herby roast chicken and veg if I get back in time.

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  1. Sounds like you don't really like the sw plans - so well done for sticking with it. It was making me giggle by the end!


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