Monday 22 July 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - week 30

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch Pasta with pesto
Dinner Fish & chips on the beach in Brighton

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch out with my boyfriend (before he changes jobs and is too far away for us to meet for lunch)
Dinner was going to have leftover Indian food from Sunday but there isn't any so I need to think of something else..

Breakfast Yogurt/cereal (on a training course so can't have breakfast at my desk like I often do)
Lunch  Chicken wrap
Dinner BBQ at my boss's house

Breakfast As yesterday - on training course
Lunch Chicken wrap
Dinner Having my boyfriend over - gammon, Slimming World chips, fried egg (was on the meal plan for last week but didn't have it)

Breakfast cereal
Lunch baked sweet potato
Dinner salmon with watermelon salsa

Breakfast cereal
Lunch chilled melon soup with prawns from the Saturday Kitchen cookbook
Dinner Out with my boyfriend's mum and her cousin who is visiting - while my boyfriend gets out of it by spending the day at Silverstone!

Brunch at my boyfriend's house, so probably sausage or bacon sandwich
Dinner  BBQ spare ribs and potato wedges


  1. Meals sound nice and summery! Oh and your salmon and watermelon salsa sounds amazing! Will have to read that post for the recipe :-)

  2. sounds delicious! I have yet to have a single bbq this season yet! enjoy x


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