Monday 15 July 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 29

I missed Slimming World for a week and have really been too busy and too hot to think about counting syns... so was pleased to see I'd stayed the same last week! This is going to be another busy week of eating out or on the go, as I have three of the five weeknights given over to my choir concert - but then there is a summer break until we start rehearsals for the next concert in September, which will give me a few more evenings at home and therefore a few more home-cooked meals!

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch hamburger (using up leftovers from BBQ)
Dinner Choir rehearsal - will have some pasta when I get home

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich - probably using up more leftovers from BBQ
Dinner Choir concert - meeting my boyfriend beforehand for dinner at Cote, as I'll have about an hour after we finish rehearsing before the concert starts

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Going to Five Guys with work colleagues
Dinner Choir concert - this time I'm going to watch. The venue is small so half the choir is performing on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday - it's not often you get the chance to be in the audience for effectively your own choir singing the music you've just performed, so I'm going along to watch the second performance. I'll probably take a sandwich as I will have had a big lunch.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch risotto with bacon and butternut squash (using up leftovers)
Dinner Having my boyfriend over - saltimbocca chicken from Slimming World magazine. Eclairs for dessert.

Breakfast cereal
Lunch baked potato
Dinner First day all week at home by myself... salmon, new potatoes and veg

Breakfast cereal
Lunch spaghetti with tuna
Dinner With my boyfriend - gammon steaks, Slimming World chips, fried egg for him
Cake for dessert, as I'm going to my first CCC this afternoon!

Breakfast either cereal or pancakes if my boyfriend has time to stay (he's mean to be spending the weekend redecorating for his mum).
Lunch macaroni and broccoli cheese
Dinner Vegetable curry from this recipe and Potato curry from this recipe followed by rice pudding from this recipe - and if I have the time or energy, some jelabi as well. Yes, it's an Indian evening, for reasons that will later become clear!


  1. Sounds like a busy week for you!
    Everything sounds great!!
    Enjoy the concert!

  2. Sounds lovely, great plan. I like bigger breakfasts on SW, stops lunchtime snacking! Lol


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