Friday 14 December 2012

Mini tomato, pesto and goat's cheese tarts

Oops, I don't seem to have taken a photo of the tarts once they were cooked!

I made these when I had several people round to dinner recently - my parents (who were staying with me), my boyfriend and his mum. I was planning to do a pretty big pudding - in fact I made both this Sachertorte and this Queen of Puddings - so I wanted the main course itself to be fairly light. I served a selection of different flavoured tarts - as I was catering for meat eaters and vegetarians, and a couple of quite fussy people to boot - along with sweet potato fries, potato fries (again for the fussy ones!) and salad.

I bought these mini tartlet tins on Amazon for only a few pounds a while ago and hadn't gotten around to using them yet.

As I was quite pushed for time, I bought some ready made shortcrutst pastry. I used the tart tins (which have loose bottoms) to cut out the pastry.

I was pretty much making this up as I went along - or as I prefer to call it, freestyling! I spread the pastry bases with a little red pesto.

Then I added some goats' cheese

Some cherry tomatoes, chopped ham and cheddar- I did variations for vegetarians and meat eaters

A selection of tarts waiting to go in the oven!

The tarts were quite small so I allowed 2-3 per person along with the side dishes. I also think these mini tart tins would be good for desserts, like a mini key lime pie or a mini chocolate tart.


  1. i enjoyed them.

  2. my god they look good... what I love about you not photographing the finished tarts is that it means my imagination is running wild... I can just see all that cheesy melty golden gloriousness... fab recipe, thanks for sharing x

  3. These look really delicious. I love "small plate" foods and these would fit right in with that theme. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I have some of these tins and I forget to use them, you have inspired me. I love the idea of making a selection of different fillings for people. Great idea and I bet they tasted delicious :)


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