Monday 10 December 2012

Meal Planning - Week 21

I put on half a pound last week; I wanted to lose half a stone by Christmas but I really don't think it will happen any more. But I'm going to make a real effort this week!

Breakfast I'm going to try making some Slimming World pancakes this morning, if they are good I will put the recipe up!
Lunch I'm probably going to the youth club in the evening so will want a proper lunch, I will take some chicken curry (the Thai green curry from the Weightwatchers book) and Bombay potatoes to eat at work. 
Dinner As I will be out I will take some food with me; I've bought some Quorn cocktail sausages- which are 2 sausages for half a syn, much lower than "real" sausages! And I also have some cooked chicken - I need food I can eat on the go really and mean I don't get tempted by the chip shop on the way home!

Breakfast SW pancakes or homemade frittata depending on what time I get home on Monday night (as I haven't made the frittata yet)
Lunch Baked sweet potato with soft cheese and chilli
Dinner Tonight I'm going to see Handel's Messiah, which I'm really excited about as I've never seen it performed - though I have been in it twice! My school choirmaster was very ambitious and I don't recall ever singing anything that wasn't some great choral work and quite often in Latin too, and we used to sing in Salisbury Cathedral which was amazing!
Anyway... it starts at 7 so we will have to grab a quick dinner before it starts, we will either go to Giraffe (restaurant) or maybe have a hotdog from the Christmas market on the Southbank if we are really pushed for time. That's assuming we are still going as my boyfriend is currently ill...

Breakfast Homemade frittata
Lunch Probably a sandwich, if I remember to buy any bread, as it's not something I actually buy very often
Dinner Hopefully having my boyfriend over to dinner; I will make the sausage hot pot with Lea & Perrins on p.112 of the Branded Cookbook as I didn't make this last week. My boyfriend usually wants a dessert; I think I should make up some sugar free jelly as I thought that would be free but the Slimming World website tells me actually has 1.5 syns for the packet (mind you I wouldn't eat the whole lot in one go) and I could do Angel Delight for my boyfriend as he loves that. I also bought some Bird's Dream Topping which I thought might be nice to go on top but I've now discovered is 12 syns for the packet!

Breakfast Leftover frittata
Lunch Leftover sausage hot pot
Dinner It's our work Christmas party; they've not mentioned anything about food - last year it was a sit down meal and we had to choose our menu in advance so I assume this means it will be nibbles or buffet-style this year. I'm going to take some cooked chicken and maybe also some pasta to eat before I go so I don't get too tempted by the unhealthy sausage rolls!

Breakfast Frittata or SW pancakes if there is any left, otherwise cereal
Lunch Jacket potato
Dinner I've got some leftover mini meat pies in the freezer, they are tiny and I think there are only two left so I will have them with plenty of vegetables and possibly a Weightwatchers dessert I picked up in the supermarket.

Breakfast Probably cereal
Lunch Spaghetti al tonno - I think I was going to make this last week or the week before but I didn't; it's quick (as I get back from Slimming World around 11.30) and tasty.
Dinner Will invite my boyfriend over to dinner; I'm tempted to make Sloppy Joes so I can enter them in Alphabakes but I'm not sure my boyfriend would like them, or that I particularly would either! In fact I didn't even know what they were until Googling them just now... they sound kind of weird! So an alternative I found when flicking through a Weightwatchers cookbook is a turkey stroganoff. I quite fancy making the chocolate scones I found in one of my Weightwatchers cookery books too.

Breakfast I'm planning to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast
Lunch Out for a pub lunch with some friends, hoping to have roast turkey and all the trimmings!
Dinner May be back quite late so will want something quick, so I may make some macaroni cheese as then I can have the leftovers next week.


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