Monday 3 December 2012

Meal Planning - Week 20

A slightly revised version based on a change of plans...

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch - I'll want a decent meal as I'm out tonight so will take a chicken breast with the rest of the Chicken Tonight sauce from last week with potatoes and veg (thank goodness for the office microwave!)
Dinner - Going to the youth club where I volunteer tonight so will take something with me (though may crack and go via the chip shop on the way home)
Update: the person I needed to see at the youth club wasn't there so I only stayed half an hour then went home, meaning I was back in time to cook dinner, so made the Pad Thai planned for later on this week.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Baked sweet potato with soft cheese/quark (if I can get hold of any), chilli flakes, feta
Update: As I made the Pad Thai last night and there was enough for three portions, I had some for lunch today
Dinner Going to Ikea with my boyfriend and his mum - which they see as a chore but I'm kind of looking forward to as it will only be the second time I've been to Ikea (though the first time, I was there for literally 12 hours - I'm not kidding. We furnished an entire house). So I expect I'll be having dinner at their house beforehand, as they strangely don't seem keen on Swedish meatballs ;-)
Update: So we didn't waste important shopping time (yay for Ikea!) we got dinner from the chip shop - so I'm glad I didn't do that on Monday night as well!

Breakfast Quorn sausages
Lunch Ham sandwich ideally on homemade bread (if I get round to making it on Tuesday that is... which isn't all that likely).
Update: Was home too late to make bread but in any case there was another portion of the Pad Thai left so that is today's lunch.
Dinner Sea bass with citrus-dressed broccoli and sweet potato

Breakfast Quorn sausages
Lunch Ham sandwich ideally on homemade bread
Dinner Pad Thai with peanut butter - The Branded Cookbook
Update: as I had this on Monday I will cook something different, though at the moment I'm trying to sort out when to go to the youth club again and it may be this evening.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Leftover Pad Thai
Update: Ham sandwich
Dinner Dinner with my boyfriend - spiced bbq glazed chicken from the Branded Cookbook,  p122, with homemade potato wedges

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Soup with any leftover homemade bread
Dinner Possibly out with my boyfriend, or might eat at his house. If we're at my place I'll make the sausage hot pot with Lea & Perrins on p.112 of the Branded Cookbook
Update: I'll be having dinner at my boyfriend's house and there is some steak in his freezer which we really enjoy so I will cook us steak and chips and we'll have a cosy night in with a DVD.

Brunch At my boyfriend's house so probably a bacon roll
Dinner  Sea bass with sloe gin shallots from a recipe I copied out from a magazine years ago. I was going to make this last Sunday and totally forgot and did roast chicken instead!


  1. some yummy sounding dinners in there!
    Did you say they don't like IKEA meatballs?! I didn't know such people existed!! haha x

    1. Well, one of them is vegetarian and I'm not sure what veggie options Ikea does! Also I think the plan is to go a bit later in the evening when hopefully the shop will be quieter.

  2. i love IKEA dinner :) and Sea Bass - yum - what a good idea - thanks. B

  3. The Sea Bass sounds delicious! Have a great week x

  4. Very well planned menu. Sounds lovely

    Jo of Jo's Kitchen

  5. I love Ikea dinner too!!!! Lovely meals x


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