Monday 17 December 2012

Meal Planning - Week 22

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Macaroni cheese leftover from Sunday
Dinner Hot mustard tuna with herby cous cous from this recipe.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch baked potato with soft cheese and chilli flakes
Dinner salmon laksa from Slimming World Extra Easy All In One p174

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Going out for a Christmas lunch with work to Strada - we've preordered our food as it was a group booking so I'm having lobster and champagne soup, roast turkey and chocolate torte.
Dinner This is the only night this week my boyfriend has time to see me (other than the weekend) :-(  It's his fault for not having finished his Christmas shopping! Still, I am spending Christmas with him this year for the first time so I will see lots of him next week. Anyway, I'm going to make creamy red pesto chicken with pasta from this recipe.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Thai green chicken soup from Slimming World's Little book of soups  p62
Dinner steak and homemade chips

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Leftover soup
Dinner I'll need something quick as I'm planning on baking a lot tonight, so I think I'll have sausage risotto - cheating using some Uncle Ben's microwave rice!

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch I'll be in quite a hurry as I will only get back from Slimming World just before 12 and we need to leave for my parents' by 1.30 so I think I will have some pasta
Dinner We'll be at my parents' house this evening and as my boyfriend is so fussy I know my mum is planning to do something he will like - sausage and chips.

Breakfast Still at my parents' so I will probably have toast or something (though knowing my mum she will have bought crumpets!)
Lunch My mum is cooking roast beef - she does the best roast potatoes!
Dinner Back home - depends how late we get back, I could have some pasta


  1. I like that you include lunch as well as dinner ideas. I always plan my dinner and then am lost as to what to have for lunch!

    1. I'm doing Slimming World and what I have for breakfast and lunch is just as important for dinner!

  2. Hot mustard tuna sounds fab, will bookmark that one!! x

  3. It was lovely, though it didn't quite go to plan... I discovered at the last minute I had no red onions so had to use white, and I forgot to add the mustard! But I used a flavoured couscous from a packet that was lemon and herb - with the oil, onion, lemon and caper mixture, which was lovely.

  4. I love the Uncle Ben's rice - so convenient. Great for when hubby and I went self catering for our summer hols, saved us bringing a whole bag of rice with us!

    Lobster and champagne soup - very posh! Enjoy your week xx


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