Monday 26 November 2012

Meal Planning - Week 19

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch My parents were here at the weekend so there are lots of leftovers - for lunch I had two mini cheese and onion tarts, some sweet potato chips and some lettuce, followed by a slice of cake (well, there was a lot left over!)
Dinner At a piping skills class this evening in Tooting (which I will post about later) so am taking a tuna sandwich with me to eat either there or afterwards.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch I'm spending the day at the youth club where I volunteer (my employer gives us one paid off volunteering day per year, i.e. I don't have to take it as holiday, which is great) so I'll need to take a packed lunch with me, and will probably make a tuna sandwich.
Dinner Will invite my boyfriend to dinner and make something simple - chicken breasts in a Chicken Tonight sauce with mashed potato.

Breakfast There are also two leftover chocolate croissants from this weekend which I will share with my boyfriend for breakfast today

Lunch TBA - pasta with cubed ham (another leftover) if I remember to make any on Tuesday night, or couscous with chopped ham

Dinner Leftover gammon steak which I will have with mashed potatoes if there is any left from yesterday and vegetables.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Miso soup with beansprouts; will also need some protein with it so I will see if I have any chicken in the freezer

Dinner Cod in breadcrumbs from the freezer

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Miso soup with beansprouts; will also need some protein with it so I will see if I have any chicken in the freezer

Dinner Out with my boyfriend at the Natural History Museum Lates.

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Possibly spaghetti al tonno

Dinner Will invite my boyfriend over - we both love pizza and I've been dying to try to make this:
Unhealthy I know, but I saw this post over a year ago and have been wanting to make it ever since! I think it could be fun to get my boyfriend to help make it with me while we watch a DVD and have a cosy evening at home :-)

Brunch With my boyfriend. There will probably be leftover pizza.....
Dinner I will need something healthy after that! I'm going to make sea bass with sloe gin shallots from a recipe I copied out from a magazine years ago.


  1. I find it fascinating to read peoples meal plans. I started meal planning properly this year and it has saved me money, time and also means I am more adventurous! I love to know what people eat day to day...maybe beacuse I am nosy or maybe beacuse I am obsessed with food. Either interesting read indeed. Perhaps I'll post one of my meal plans too soon.

  2. That pizza looks amazing! Enjoy your week :-)


  3. Wow that pizza looks delicious! Hope you have fun making it!!


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