Monday 19 November 2012

Meal Planning - Week 18

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Sweet potato with feta cheese and chilli butter
Dinner Lamb and pomegranate adapted from this recipe - I was going to make this last Sunday and was sure I had lamb in the freezer but it turned out I didn't! I still want to make this though so will buy some lamb today.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch  Ready-cooked chicken breast and a pasta Mug Shot or couscous
Dinner I'll be spending this evening at a youth club whose annual newsletter I'm putting together; the club's chief executive and I are having a 'working meeting' as she put it, so I'm not sure what will happen about eating - I will probably have to grab whatever I can on the way home.

Breakfast Cereal or toast
Lunch Having lunch with my boyfriend today, as I won't get to see him much this week otherwise - I've chosen a pub half way in between our office where I cab use my Tastecard (for a 2 for 1 offer), but nothing on the menu is massively Slimming World friendly so I will have to be good for the rest of the week!
Dinner Butternut squash risotto

Breakfast Cereal or toast
Lunch Leftover butternut squash risotto
Dinner My boyfriend is coming over to dinner and I'll cook something simple so I can spend more time with him and less time in the kitchen: chicken breasts using a jar of Chicken Tonight sauce with mashed potato. For dessert: chocolate mousse with pomegranate seeds
Note to self: need to make sloe gin sauce for tomorrow

Breakfast Cereal or toast
Lunch Sweet potato with feta cheese and chilli butter
Dinner My parents are coming to stay for the weekend and will be at my house by the time I get home from work; my mum likes to have dinner ready and waiting and I'm not going to complain if someone else wants to do the cooking! She suggested gammon steaks with mashed potato and I think it will need a sauce. There's a blogging challenge this month which centres around gin, so I think a sloe gin sauce based on this recipe would be nice, though I will have to make it the night before:

Breakfast Probably cereal
Lunch In London with my parents, as I booked my dad on a photography course this morning for his birthday (my boyfriend and I have taken the same course before and it's really good). We will have a pub lunch probably in Wetherspoons as that's actually where the course is taking place (in their back room) and it doesn't finish until 1pm.
Dinner With my parents; we won't get home that early so will want something that doesn't take too long to cook. My mum suggested fishcakes which I will buy rather than attempt to make myself.

Breakfast I'm planning to make croissants (for the first time!) for a couple of blogging challenges and thought it would be nice since my parents will still be here
Lunch  Chicken drumsticks in a breadcrumb, lemon and parmesan crust - a recipe I copied out from a magazine ages ago. With mini stuffed jacket potatoes.
Dinner I'll invite my boyfriend and his mum round to dinner with me and my parents and will cook each of us an individual caramelised onion and goats cheese tartlet/ bacon and cheese tartlet for those who don't like onion, and serve it with polenta chips and sweet potato chips. For dessert I'm going to make a Queen of Puddings, which I've never done before, as it's for a particular blogging challenge.


  1. This all sounds absolutely amazing - especially that lamb recipe. And I love the idea of sweet potatoes with feta and chilli.

    Enjoy your week!


    1. I actually changed that and mixed Quark with chilli flakes, I didn't think butter would be very Slimming World friendly! It was a really nice lunch in fact, I will have to do it again.

  2. Sweet potato and feta sounds amazing. Simple yet delicious.

    Have a great week x


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