Thursday 23 November 2017

Restaurant Review: Tasha's Tearoom, Epsom, Surrey

Every time my parents come to visit, they drive through Cheam, and remark that it looks like a pretty little village with some interesting shops. So this time when they came to stay, we decided to go into Cheam for lunch, a look around and some shopping – helped by the fact there was a NCT nearly new sale in Cheam that afternoon!

It was a cold, drizzly day and Cheam turned out to be smaller than we thought, so we arrived in the morning in time for coffee and had pretty much walked around the whole of the central Cheam Village area by lunch. The NCT sale was still a couple of hours away so we decided not to bother and went home!

As we walked around I had an eye out for places to go for lunch and thought Love Crepe looked good, but had already decided to make pancakes for dessert that evening and we didn’t want the same thing twice. We ended up in Tasha’s Tearoom - the vintage crockery and cakes in the window looked very appealing.

They serve afternoon tea, cake and a small range of hot savoury dishes; as it was a cold day, all three of us went for a ham and cheese toastie, which came with salad and crisps. The toastie was a little limp (rather than crispy) but the filling was good – thick cut ham and just the right amount oozing cheese. I enjoyed a lemon and ginger tea which really hit the spot on a cold day.

We didn’t have room for any cake which was a shame as it looked really nice!

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