Wednesday 29 November 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - week 48

Yes I know it's Wednesday... I don't really know where Monday or Tuesday night went. I was so tired on Tuesday I spent most of the evening asleep while my husband watched TV! We had another busy weekend, with a visit to my family a couple of hours away (and back in the same day) for my niece's first birthday party - the first year has flown past! I made her birthday cake which you will be able to see on the blog soon. Then on Sunday I went to see my friend's nine year old daughter in High School Musical - the lead parts were played by teenagers, and the age range went right down to about 4 or 5, it was very sweet, and a bit unintentionally funny in places (I'm still not sure why there was a kid in a Pharaoh costume, I got the feeling that was just what he wanted to wear that day!).

I did at least spend a bit of time on Monday planning meals for this week so it's a bit less haphazard than it has been for the last couple of weeks. I expect meal planning will go out of the window entirely when I have a baby next March!

Lunch – sandwich
Dinner – stand and stuff tacos with mince and potato wedges/ salad

Tuesday – working from home as I have an antenatal appointment
Lunch – tuna melt bagel (ended up being too tired to make this and just had bread and butter!)
Dinner – pasta bake with meatballs and garlic bread

Lunch – sandwich/ bagel
Dinner – out at a work event

Lunch – buy something as I won’t have been home (going straight into work from an overnight stay at the event)
Dinner – stand and stuff tacos (will need using up once they’ve been opened) with chicken and rice

Friday – working from home as the cot is being delivered!
Lunch- macaroni cheese on toast
Dinner – either a baked potato or pizza as it’s quick as I plan to go to yoga

Saturday – planning to sort out the nursery furniture today!
Lunch – crumpets with scrambled eggs and bacon
Dinner – steak and chips (my husband’s favourite and he will have been working hard moving and building furniture all day!)

Lunch- bacon sandwich, another of my husband’s favourites
Dinner – roast chicken, which is my favourite!

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