Saturday 11 June 2016

Restaurant Review: Sir Walter Scott Wetherspoons, Edinburgh Airport

On a recent trip to Edinburgh for training at my company’s head office, I stayed an extra day to spend time with a team I work with, so ended up travelling back a day later than everyone else. That meant I was on my own, so at the airport settled in for dinner with my Kindle at the Sir Walter Scott Wetherspoons.
The food is good value and the service is fast, which is generally what you want before a flight – though Edinburgh airport is so small you can practically see the departure gate from the pub. The fact that Wetherspoons has a huge amount of choice on its menu is really good – I often don’t want a heavy meal before a flight, but on the other hand it’s my only chance to eat as I will get home late so I want what I consider a ‘proper’ dinner.
This time I was in the mood for something simple so ordered macaroni cheese, which was baked in the oven and had a creamy sauce, though I thought the extra cheese on top was a bit unnecessary – and so to be honest were the chips that came with it (an awful lot of carbs on one plate!). It really filled a spot though.
The Sir Walter Scott is a good size as well, meaning you can put your suitcase next to your table without worrying too much about it being in the way. The only downside is that like all Wetherspoons, you have to find a table, check the number and order your food at the bar and give your table number. Which either means leaving your coat (or bag if you don’t have a coat) at the table unattended, or going to the bar to give a table number and going back to find someone else is now sitting at that table. Ordering at the bar does make for much faster service but perhaps they should offer ‘this table is taken’ signs for people who are dining alone!

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