Monday 13 June 2016

Meal Planning Monday - Week 26

It's finally here - I'm getting married this week! We got engaged last August  and I would say 10 months is a good amount of time to plan a wedding - enough time to get everything done and not so long that you are waiting ages for the big day! So everything is ready - well, almost. I could have done with losing some more weight and would have liked to practice our first dance more than once given we can't dance. I'm also crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain this Saturday as the weather hasn't been great lately and our wedding is mainly outside!

I thought I'd do a meal plan since I always do but this obviously isn't going to be a normal week:

Lunch - with work colleagues who are over from the US and Asia
Dinner - chicken curry which I didn't do last week

Lunch - provided as I'm at an all day conference
Dinner - social night out with the team after the conference

Lunch - salad!
Dinner - chicken pie, with mash for him and veg for me if there is veg to use up, otherwise spaghetti bolognese

We've both got the day off - I'm baking and decorating the middle layer of my wedding cake today and my sister is doing the top and bottom! After making Bakingaddict's wedding cake last year there was no question that I wanted to do my own, but was persuaded out of it by people who said I would have far too much to do before the wedding. Funnily enough there seems to be very little I have to do today and am going to get my nails done just to fill some time! But it's really nice that my sister can be involved in the cake as well and we can do it between us.
Also today I am picking up my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses (luckily I found my favourite dress in a shop only 15 mins away!) but won't have a lot of time to make lunch - since at 12:30 I'm going to be on BBC Radio Wiltshire talking about letter writing!
I'm not 100% sure what my fiancé will be doing today, as it will depend if we were able to collect all the mens' suits last weekend or if he has to go and get any of them today.

Lunch: something simple like beans on toast
Dinner: chicken chargrills for him, fish fingers for me

We are leaving home early and driving to my parents' in Wiltshire for the wedding rehearsal at 1, and dropping off all our stuff at the venue. Lunch will be a quick snack at my parents' house and dinner will be with my parents and bridesmaids at the hotel where I am staying tonight and tomorrow night.

Today is my wedding day!
I've asked the hotel to bring some sandwiches to the room as the bridemaids and I will be in hair and makeup pretty much all day (and I had to plan some lunch!).
In the afternoon we are having wedding cake and sandwiches, then our 'wedding breakfast' is a posh barbecue!

Breakfast with all the family (or most of them anyway) and then heading home. Will probably have something from the freezer for dinner or even takeaway now I no longer have a wedding dress to get into!

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