Monday 6 June 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 25

The wedding is almost here! I'm not going to be the sort of bride who starves herself to lose the last couple of pounds before the big day, for three reasons: 1) I have a LOT more than a couple of pounds to lose, so one last week of minimal calories won't make much difference, though of course I'm not going to pig out 2) I don't want to be ratty and miserable because I'm hungry 3) My wedding dress is being made to fit me like a glove and my final fitting is Saturday 11th, so I can't lose or put on any weight after that! So I'm kind of stopping the diet - I will continue to fast between dinner and lunch the next day, and have salad for lunch, but I will reintroduce some carbs into my diet. If I'm a little bigger, my wedding dress doesn't need to be laced up quite so tightly, but if I'm a little thinner, it might not stay up properly!

So here's the meal plan for this week which with all the wedding planning I forgot about so it's kind of last minute. I also don't want to buy a lot of fresh food before the honeymoon.

Monday- I've got a day off
Lunch: quinoa risotto (meant to have this last week but didn't)
Dinner: weather is meant to be good so we will barbecue. I've found a recipe for pulled pork I can mainly do in the oven while I am at home and we can finish off on the barbecue. I always like a side dish so might have the rest of the quinoa risotto with it.

home a bit late but my fiancé will go to his mum's so I will have salmon with cauliflower mash from the freezer and broccoli

 - the hottest day this week so we will barbecue again. I will have fish, as I have mackerel and tuna in the freezer and my other half can have sausage, burger or chicken.

duck breast with spiralized veg similar to this recipe with gammon and fried egg for him

chicken korma to use up diced chicken in freezer

Quick lunch as I have a dress fitting at 11 and won't be home til gone 12. He can have beans on toast and I will have the rest of my spiralized veg.
Dinner - the best weather of the weekend so we will barbecue and invite my mother-in-law to be over. She is veggie but eats white fish (and burgers) so I will do some fish tacos from my Jamie Oliver BBQ book with mango salsa, and burgers; I was meaning to make this spring onion salad before but didn't so might do that as well.

Lunch  I really fancy a fishfinger sandwich with some nice doorstep bread and my fiancé can have a bacon sandwich.
Dinner chicken pies and mashed potato/veg

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