Saturday 8 August 2015

Non-alcoholic Drinks for Barbecue

When I’ve had friends over for barbecues recently the most popular drinks have been non-alcoholic ones. I put that down to a myriad of reasons: when it’s really hot, people want to quench their thirst with something they can drink quickly without getting tipsy right away; some people are driving; some people are tee-total (yes really!) and one is pregnant. Also, the drinks I made look and taste great!
I already posted the recipe for this non-alcoholic mojito; here are two other ideas.
Strawberry Iced Tea
I had some strawberry-flavour tea bags and made them up with a little sweetener (Splenda), waited until it had cooled and added more water, some ice cubes and some fresh strawberries.

Ginger and Cranberry Fizz
This one is also very easy to make and tastes lovely. I had a bottle of ginger beer left over that someone bought to a previous barbecue, and as I don’t like ginger beer I wasn’t suer what to do with it. I also had a carton of cranberry juice in the fridge so I mixed the two together in roughly equal quantities and added some fresh mint leaves. Delicious!

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