Monday 3 August 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 32

Out of the office with a supplier – will take lunch and almost certainly work late so will grab dinner on the way home
Dinner houmous chicken from meal plan last week I didn't make
Dinner – BBQ (sausage/burger as we haven't had that for ages) if the weather is nice. Had to abandon my mid-week BBQ intention for the last couple of weeks!
Dinner - Yorkshire puddings filled with chicken pieces in a white herb sauce
Dinner - steak - also haven't had this in ages
Lunch – at a friend’s BBQ
Dinner – home at some point in the evening though I doubt we will want much to eat. Will have chicken kiev and chips in the freezer on standby
Lunch - beans/macaroni cheese on toast
Dinner - coconut prawns for me, chicken escalope with cheese for him

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