Monday 17 August 2015

Meal Planning Monday Week 34

Monday: fish and veg for me, gammon and mashed potato for him
Dinner- was supposed to be out but it just got cancelled; now working from home so I will get creative with whatever is in the freezer
Lunch – team lunch at Wahaca
Dinner – sausage and tomato casserole
Thursday: curry - had on the meal plan last week but didn't make it
Friday - chicken pie and mashed potato
Lunch – at a car show where my boyfriend is taking part in the Sportingbears “Dream Rides” team, offering rides in supercars to paying customers for charity. He did this at Leeds Castle last year and it was brilliant – though it means I will have to occupy myself all day!
Dinner – something quick as I don’t know what time we will get back
Lunch- Waterzooi chicken soup/tomato soup for him
Dinner- Slimming World nachos/potato wedges

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