Sunday 16 August 2015

Embellished Photo Greetings Cards

You may have seen the family photo letter collage I already completed using my voucher from Snapfish, the photo printing people.
There was another idea I wanted to try, that uses a printed personalised photo from Snapfish but also allows for some homemade embellishment. I didn’t know until I started looking around the Snapfish site that they do personalised cards – you simply upload a photo and choose the card design. There are birthday cards, with the design already provided (eg an age, some animals and so on) or more blank, colourful backgrounds where your photo takes centre stage (you can also choose cards where you can add multiple photos). As well as personalised birthday cards they have a huge range for other occasions, some of which are folded cards you can write inside, and others are flat cards – like postcards, but used for save the date reminders for weddings and birth announcements and so on.
I chose a couple so I could experiment and see what they had, with the intention of using my craft supplies to add some finishing touches at home.
It’s my Dad’s 60th birthday next month so I made him a personalised card with some family photos. There was a layout where all I had to do was drop in the photos:

 I wanted to add some extra embellishments so used a cardboard label mounted onto blue card saying 'for the world's greatest dad' at the bottom, and a silver outline sticker saying 'dad' in the top right corner. As the title of the card was 'birthday star' I put some silver star stickers in the top left corner as well.

My sister is in the process of buying a new house; I couldn’t find a layout suitable for ‘congratulations on your new house’ so instead chose a card saying ‘we’ve moved’. This is designed to tell people of a change of address but you can change the wording, so I changed it to congratulate my sister and her boyfriend on the new house. The space in the middle was to add a picture; if you were using this card to tell people you had changed address then a picture of the new house would be perfect! But as I didn't have that - my sister hasn't moved yet - and I wasn't sure what else to use, I decided she would like a picture of my cat! To me it looks a bit like the cat is peering through the letterbox :-)

Most of the 'new home' embellishments I had were too large to fit on this card but I did have a pack of stickers with clear backgrounds that I thought would work. It had a flower on it so I added some extra flower stickers around the card.

Personalised Christmas cards are a lovely idea, especially if you are sending them to family or friends you haven’t seen in a while. I didn’t really have any suitable photos from previous festivities (we don’t really do posed family photos) but I did have some nice ones of the holiday I took with my boyfriend to Lapland a couple of years ago. It wasn’t Christmas but there was still plenty of snow!

This card had a lovely background with snowflakes around the edge so I decided to embellish it with some extra snowflake stickers. You can't see them all too well in this photo but they are there!

Finally I used a collage layout for a birthday card and used pictures of different cakes I've made.

I embellished this using some little cupcake stickers on each point where the lines crossed:

All of these cards would be nice without the extra embellishments but I do think it's nice to add a little extra!

Thanks to Snapfish for the voucher code for their site

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